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Introduction of dishes

Harmoniously hospitable with a sense of seasonal taste.

Passion for cooking, from the selection of ingredients first.In order to deliver deliciousness and safety passion for local production local consumption with the theme of natural food, cooperate with local farmers and cook nature's blessing.
We do not decorate agricultural products of reduced pesticide or non-chemical fertilizer of Yamada carefully handmade various seasonal taste individually for each season.
Please eat it happily.

Dinner example

We carefully handmade the taste of various seasons for each season rooted in the local production local consumption.
  • 【Standard Plan】Satoyama's grace set menu

    • Satoyama's grace set menu

      Please refer to each plan.
      Period available:
      All Year
  • 【Luxury rice plan】

    • Luxury rice

      Please refer to each charge.
      Period available:
      All Year
  • 【Dry steaming plan】

    • Steamed burner

      Please refer to each plan.
      Period available:
      All Year

Single item menu

  • sashimi

    Shinshu salmon and rockfish sashimi.
    We prepare by the menu of the whole year.
  • Bone wine

    The umami of the fish spreads in your mouth.
  • Shinshu Takayamamura wine

    It is a local Takaya Winery wine.
    We also offer other local wines.
  • Japanese beer

    We have four types of Shiga Plateau beer available.
    How about comparing drinks?
  • Local sake

    We arrange sake in Nagano prefecture centering on local sake "mountain stream" and "Mizuo".