Founded 250 years. Warm hospitality that will make you feel at ease.Welcome to the Valley Beauty Fukeikan

Welcome back to the Fukeikan

Founded in Fukeikan 1769, primary Kanshu Sekiya Tsusaku is Upon the opening of Fukeikan,
I started the Fukeikan from the desire to create an inn that is the foundation of the hearts of people like temples.
Since then, there have been many visitors to the Fukeikan, and among them, writers and ink customers have visited this area for rejuvenation.

Dr. Yaichi Aizu, June 1910, Work at Fukeikan

Yamada Hot Spring is located in the east side of Toyono station in Nagano Prefecture and has a mountain color purification to hold a baiyu on the ridge
Taking advantage of sadness and coming to this place Playing back after fifty-six days
Long-lasting as it is in the eyelin's ear Naho

 Yamada Hot Spring is in the valley of Higashi-ri, of Toyono station in Nagano Prefecture.It is such a world that reminds me of eating while watching the white cloud drifting on the ridge, as the mountain's figure is absurd and refreshing.I came to this Yamada Hot Spring with a heartache before and went home after 5 or 6 days.From that time on, it seems that the water sound of Tanigawa has been heard all the time.

"I want to continue to be your hometown even now and then."With that feeling, I will continue to hospitality customers with" heartily welcome "heart.
The nature of the Matsukawa Keikoku has been untouched by people since the time of the Kamiyo period, various landscapes according to the seasons, hot water, and hospitality in the country style,
So that it will be a journey to be healed.
Please say "I'm home" please.

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Information from the Fukeikan

  • Information from the Fukeikan

    Thanks to you, I was able to spend a month from the resumption of business.We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your support.
    Please use it in the Fukeikan. We want to make your stay as peaceful and quiet as possible, so we are reducing the number of guest rooms and operating.
    Thank you for visiting our website.
    Rejuvenate your body and soul with the energetic energy of the Matsukawa Keikoku and the hot springs that warm your heart.
    We look forward to your visit.

    Owner Koichiro Sekiya

Fukeikan image movie released!

  • An image movie full of the charm of the Fukeikan

    We had you make an image movie of this facility!
    I would be happy if I could see the charm of this facility by seeing this.
    This facility also serves as a guide for this facility, so please take a look at those who are planning to stay.

About measures against new coronavirus infection

  • About measures against new coronavirus infection

    Fukeikan has taken measures to ensure that customers can stay with peace of mind, based on announcements from the WHO, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and other related organizations, when this new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads.

    Alcohol for hand rubbing is installed in this facility, so please use it.
    For breakfast buffet style, we will change the service form for the time being.
    In addition, bathing time and meal time are sometimes restricted without permission.
    Please understand our customers.

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Guide within facilities

  • A tea room

    You can enjoy the valleys of the four seasons.
    Coffee to drink with scenery is special regardless of time.
  • Restaurant"Ichii-Tei"

    It is "Ichii-Tei" at the meal venue.
    Both dinner and breakfast will be served here.
  • Drink service

    We have a drink corner where you can drink freely.
    You can also enjoy coffee and apple juice in the morning and detox water at check-in.
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Hotel Name

Japanese style hotel Fukeikan


3598 Okuyamada, Takayama Village, Kamitakai County, Nagano Prefecture

Telephone number



·Suzaka Naganohigashi IC -25 minutes ・Hokuriku Shinkansen (bullet train) Nagano Station → Nagano Dentetsu Suzaka Station → Get off at for Yamada Hot Springs Bus

Pick-up presence (condition)
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Please feel free to contact us

  • Please use the free shuttle bus(※Advance reservation required)

    ■A shuttle bus with convenient access to Yamada Hot Spring

    Going:Obuse Station(15:45 departure) → Fukeikan 
    Return:Fukeikan(10 o'clock) → Obuse Station

    If you wish, please fill in the remarks column when making a reservation or call the inn directly.
    Fukeikan TEL:026-242-2611

    ※Please feel free to contact us with the time.
  • To memories of an important day

    We prepare cakes or bouquets for celebrations of important anniversaries.
    Feel free to contact us in advance.

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