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GoTo campaign

  • For those who have made reservations from the reservation site such as Rakuten and Jalan before September 1, 2020 before the GoTo campaign starts

    For reservations prior to each site issuing a GoTo Travel Coupon for Rakuten Travel, Jalan net, Ikkyu, Rurubu Travel, etc., the discount will be refunded by sending the necessary documents for accommodation until August 31st. , Reservations made after check-in on September 1, 2020 are not eligible for a refund for GoTo Travel.
    Therefore, guests who booked before the campaign and plan to stay after September, when the discount has not been applied, will need to cancel or retake the reservation at each reservation site.

    If you want to cancel or retake, please check the following items before proceeding.

    ·A cancellation fee may apply if you cancel your current reservation.
    Please check the cancellation policy on the reservation confirmation screen.

    ·After canceling the current reservation, it may take some time for the canceled room to be reflected on the site.

    ·After canceling your current reservation, it may not be possible to book the same room/ plan again due to reasons such as the reservation of another customer.

    ·Since the room rate changes daily, even if you make a reservation for the same schedule, number of people, room, and plan, the reservation amount may change due to re-booking.

    ※Depending on the reservation site, a guide mail may be sent, so please check.

    For reservations from this Official website, you can issue a coupon from Stay Navi, so you do not need to cancel the procedure.
    If you have any questions, please contact the facility directly.